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Discovering art on the streets of the world while bringing social expression to your fingertips. We strive on promoting culture, fueled by art. Supporting street art and the people behind the movement. Join us today!


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What is "Street Art"

Street art is whatever you want it to be. Just make sure it’s public, in the street, and accessible to those who want to find it. Street art can be sanctioned or unsanctioned, legal or illegal. It doesn’t matter if it’s placed in a gallery for thousands to see or created in an abandoned factory for an audience of one, it’s street art. The artist is the creator of every factor in each piece. The medium, canvas, and location are all chosen by the artist. Street Art can be anything from the historic art and sculptures you see when wearing your tourist hat, to the graffiti and murals flooding streets all around the world.

Starting in the late 70’s, street art quickly gained peoples attention when graffiti writers used the New York City subway trains as their moving billboards. Today artists are getting up and out in the streets with force using art as their voice, pushing their message on their unsuspecting viewers. Forcing them to see what they've created. Some would say these "street artists" are competing with some of the largest advertisers in the world.

Street art can be described as; murals, traditional graffiti, drip art, stencil art, knit bombing, yarn bombing, tile installations, historical art, sculptures. statues, fountains, street performances, costumes, statues, live dance, performing arts, flash mobs, live painting, food performers, video projection, LED art, installations, signs, art shows, community art, art intervention, guerrilla art, gentrification projects, beautification projects, local art nights, art crawls, and public art galleries.

As you can see... Street Art is all around us!



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